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Prof. Bowornsilp Chowchuen, MD.
President of the Congress
Former President of The Thai Cleft Lip-Palate and Craniofacial Association

Assoc.Prof. Nond Rojvachiranonda, MD.
Co-President of the Congress
President of The Thai Cleft Lip-Palate and Craniofacial Association



     Since the first foundation in 1988, the Asian Pacific Cleft Lip-Palate and Craniofacial Congress set its journey through the eight countries; Singapore, Taiwan, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, and Malaysia. The unification of diverse professionals entwined academic and cultural legacy that finally brought fluid knowledge, created the hearty spirit, and shone the new life of cleft people. Hence, it is our highest honor that Khon Kaen, Thailand is the destination of “The 9th Asian Pacific Cleft Lip-Palate & Craniofacial Congress” and “The 12th Annual Meeting of THAICLEFT”.

     Khon Kaen is the melting pot of history and modern wisdom of Mekhong people. The sound of ethnic accents, the color of soil and skin, the taste of food, and the rough hands of regional people has raised the city which become the East-West corridor todays. The economic growth and modernization transform the city to international space, yet the long-incubated heritage is presented on the carving of architecture, the sound of musical instrument and performance, the pattern of weaving silk, and even the smile of Khon Kaen people.

     Scientific knowledge is the fruit of human intellect. However, the crystalized wisdom shall emerge nothing to all mankind. It is within the forum of discussion, exchange, debate, lectures, and sharing that our words of wisdom and could transform into practices, and benefits cleft and craniofacial citizen upon their individual needs.

     Cleft lip-palate and craniofacial deformities are main challenges of healthcare in Thailand and countries in Asia Pacific region. The key theme of the congress is “Regional & Global Partnership of Comprehensive Care in Cleft Lip-Palate and Craniofacial Deformities” which is the main description of our past, present, and future of cleft and craniofacial care under active connection of our region and the rest of the world. If you share the same mission, Khon Kaen welcomes you to gate of dawn. After all, we are proud to be the host not because we are the center of all Indo-Chinese nations but we welcome the return of Mekhong homologous sageness.

     Please come to visit us and Khon Kaen city in this 9th Asian Pacific Cleft Lip-Palate & Craniofacial Congress and 12th Annual Meeting of THAICLEFT. You are cordially invited to shine the borderless hospitality and embrace invaluable experience together.